Nicole Monks is an artist of Yamatji Wajarri, Dutch and English heritage, who works across media to express her ideas. Her practice includes interior design, textiles, furniture, photo media, installation and performance. 

We are all animals is a performance where Monks embodies sheemu, a hybrid being created by the artist from emu feathers and wool, while on residency at Fowlers Gap a sheep station on shared Barkindji, Parundji and Maljangapa Country in north-west New South Wales.

Nicole Monks

detail: Nicole Monks, Yamatji Wajarri people, Western Australia, born 1981, Subiaco, Western Australia, We are all animals/sheemu, 2016, a sheep station on Barkindji, Parundji and Maljangapa Country, New South Wales, soft sculpture (wearable) wool and feathers, 100.0 x 50.0 cm; Courtesy the artist, photo: Lachlan Humphrey, Clean Line Productions